Wedding photos week

I haven’t had much time to do any photographing for myself this past week. Between editing wedding photos, putting together a new bed, and catching a virus I didn’t really get any time. Not to mention the “lovely” weather we’ve been having. So I’m sharing a photo I took at the wedding last weekend. Small weddings are just as much stress as big ones I have come to determine, but it was also an honor to shoot a local wedding. It was low key, simple, and beautiful.

Planned Spontaneity

I recently photographed a wedding. As an art photographer who rarely photographs people, this took me out of my usual comfort zone for sure. While going through the work of editing the photos and putting them up on this site (an all-consuming pastime lately), I asked a friend to look at them to tell me what she thought and see if everything on the website was easy to find and worked properly. As expected, she loved them but she had one critique, “This is far too serious for me. It looks like planned spontaneity.” My first reaction was… well, that’s …