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  • MVH-11102020_1.jpg

    Tundra, Blanketed

  • Eroding Beach Bluff

    Eroding permafrost on a beautiful day.

  • Minimalism

  • Beautimous day

    I soaked in the beauty that was the sun for two hours.  Just laying there on the tundra by myself.  It was wonderful.  This was the view from my picnic blanket.

  • Saying goodbye to the sun

    On the 18th the sun went down for the last time until it comes back up again on January 24, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely dark all the time. …

  • The great owl invasion

    Every October the snowy owls seem to invade town. This year is no different. Some friends from Anchorage and beyond came up for a quick visit hoping to see polar bears. While…

  • Maclaren Summit, Denali Highway, AK

    Maclaren Summit, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. Last week I took advantage of a rare opportunity to get out of Barrow and head south to the subarctic to do a photography…

  • Snow. It’s August.

    So living in the arctic is something of an adventure and you learn to expect what most would consider unexpected.  One day of snow in August… eh, it’s the arctic. It happens.…