I have wanted to see a walrus since I moved here.  I heard about one a summer or two ago but it had gone before I heard.  This one waddled past the beach, across the road, and decided to rest by a fence containing some snowmachines out at NARL.  I saw it lift its head for the last time as I was setting up my tripod.  Walrus = food so it was shot.

Sam and Lees

One of my hangouts.  This was the first time I walked by without any cars parked anywhere so I decided to immortalize it.  It’s kind of a fixture in town.


From my walk late this evening.  But don’t expect to get anything so cliche as a sunset from me too often.

Wounded Pride

I went  in search of beauty.  Jeep filled up with gas, headed out toward Pigniq… I thought the old hangar looked particularly nice.  I thought I saw the entrance to the old runway and turned to get there.  Only what I thought was the access point wasn’t.  Thanks flat light and blowing snow.  My mistake was immediately apparent but then I knew I better not stop and tried to make the runway.  Embarrassingly, I ended up mired in soft snow/gravel just feet away.  Two of my bank customers found me and went to go get a tow cable.  Meanwhile, I …


May 2016 be all that 2015 wasn’t and usher in a new life with the promise of happiness and contentment. Happy New Year from the Top of the World!