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  • MVH-10312020_2-1920x1920.jpg

    T-Rexes in their Arctic Habitat

  • Cliche

    From my walk late this evening.  But don’t expect to get anything so cliche as a sunset from me too often. 😛

  • Polar ice

    After the shore ice broke up and moved out, the current brought remnants of the polar pack into shore… and what beautiful ice it was!

  • Sound of Silence

    I walked down to the beach and spent hours just sitting and listening.  I really should have stayed home cleaning, but it was too beautiful out to ignore.  It was amazingly silent. …

  • T is for Tuttu

    With the return of the sun, it seems like life is starting to wake up again in the arctic. Maybe this is just my perception after holing up in the house during…

  • Snow. It’s August.

    So living in the arctic is something of an adventure and you learn to expect what most would consider unexpected.  One day of snow in August… eh, it’s the arctic. It happens.…