Back to life in Barrow… for now

Back to life in the Arctic.  I find sea ice fascinating.  I went for a walk this week to see how it was coming along.  I found the water covered, but it was still just sheets of pancakes slowly moving by.  I sat there listening to the sound of the ice as it moved with the current.

Pic of the week, August 23

The ocean has been as calm as a lake this week. The Arctic Ocean fascinates me in many ways. I’m always finding interesting creatures, beach combing here is particularly fun as you can find something as large as a whale vertebra down to something as small as beach glass, and the water itself is ever changing. From waves big enough to surf to you-can-skip-stones-on-it calm. My favorite part of summer is having the water back and I’ve been spending as much time as possible being near it.


Icebow, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. Our first beautiful day of winter. Highs in the 20s, not much wind, fresh snow underfoot, and a beautiful icebow over the Arctic Ocean. Days like this are rare this time of year, so we all bundled up to play in the snow. Unfortunately, my son prefers to play when there’s a stiff breeze and it’s nasty out. Go figure.

Last day of summer…

What turned out to be the last pretty day, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. The day after I returned from Anchorage we had what would be the last day of summer. I’m glad it waited for me to return because it WAS glorious, even if for only one more day. The snow is here to stay.