From my walk late this evening.  But don’t expect to get anything so cliche as a sunset from me too often.


May 2016 be all that 2015 wasn’t and usher in a new life with the promise of happiness and contentment. Happy New Year from the Top of the World!

From Pigniq with Love

With all that’s going on, I haven’t had the time or energy to get out and shoot as much as I would like or really need to. But I did manage to get one more shoot in last weekend after the Christmas hubbub settled and before my solo show the first week of January in Fairbanks! This one didn’t make the cut for the show, but I love it anyway.


Every now and then Barrow gives you a day that makes it all worth while.  What was intended to be a quick walk on the beach, ended up taking longer as there were I think two whales, one a baby, 50 feet off the beach.  They come in to scrape the barnacles off their bodies on the shallow shelf.  Then as we were getting back in the car, I noticed these beautiful clouds casting a shadow on the horizon and looking all moody.  Perfect.

Out to lunch

While I was out for my early afternoon walk, I came across a local dog who scored a piece of whale meat. He was one happy dog.

Drum roll please….

The SUN! After 63 or so long days without it, it’s back to stay for a while. Today was the first day it was visible above the horizon in Barrow after yesterday was cloudy. Thankfully today was beautiful and clear, if frigidly cold. I wasn’t the only person who bothered to drive down Fresh Water Lake Rd. to gawk at the beautiful rays beaming at us.

Happy Solstice

Or as I like to think of it… it’s all uphill from here!  This is my across the street neighbor’s yard.  Every year he builds an awesome igloo and decorates it for Christmas.  The Christmas decorations change every year, but the igloo stays awesome.  This photo was taken between 1pm and 2pm so this is about as bright as it got today.

Saying goodbye to the sun

On the 18th the sun went down for the last time until it comes back up again on January 24, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely dark all the time.  We still get some lovely colors in the late morning and early afternoon.  This was the first pretty day (if a little blustery) after the final set of the sun so I went out to the edge of Freshwater Lake Road to watch the snow blowing across the tundra.

Driftwood, Point Barrow

Last weekend I took my visitors out as far north as the road would take us. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d get much further than the old airfield, but the the snow actually improved driving conditions beautifully and we made it all the way out to the end of the road to Point Barrow (Nuvuk). We beachcombmed for sea glass and in the process I found this wonderful piece of driftwood in the snow.