Post Mother’s Day Realities as a Single Mom


The fact of the matter is, no matter how wonderful a time I have with my son on the days I’m blessed to have him, there always comes the moment where I have to let him go.  I have had a wonderful time this Mother’s Day weekend.  Atticus gave me beautiful flowers, we vegged, slept as much as we wanted or needed, we snuggled, we read, we watched movies, and had the obligatory you WILL eat your dinner moments.  He built this cabin in the middle of the living room floor… right in the walkway.  I find it quite creative.  I mean, the cabin sports landscaping, big rig parking spaces, AND space for your A-10 Warthog and a DeLorean on the roof.  A good Mama would make him clean it up dutifully before he goes so as to restore the path, but I’m going to leave it until he demolishes it whenever that might be.  As long as I’m stepping over it, it will fool me for a second that he’s here.  And on the days I come home to an empty house, that second will be happier.