Early Winter Walk

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping to entertain visiting best-selling author Dana Stabenow. We went in search of snowy owls on the outskirts of town. While we didn’t find any owls, we did find some interesting things along the way. Here are my favorites.

Wedding photos week

I haven’t had much time to do any photographing for myself this past week. Between editing wedding photos, putting together a new bed, and catching a virus I didn’t really get any time. Not to mention the “lovely” weather we’ve been having. So I’m sharing a photo I took at the wedding last weekend. Small weddings are just as much stress as big ones I have come to determine, but it was also an honor to shoot a local wedding. It was low key, simple, and beautiful.

Late Season Sea Nettle

This past week brought back the jellyfish. Of those found washed ashore, I did find a few sea nettles among the Lion’s Manes. This was one of them. Winter is coming fast, though.

With September came Winter

Earlier this week we had 4.4 inches of snow. Before it had accumulated that much I went outside during a break in the weather. I loved how the whale vertebra on the ground outside looked. The wet, clumped snow mimics the natural texture of the inside of the bone and it just seemed to be a perfect summation of the day. Summer and beach combing for whale bones are just about over and everything looks fresh and interesting under a blanket of snow.

Pic of the week: Because snow was too depressing to post…

In contrast to last week’s pic, this is the Arctic Ocean in full late summer/fall glory. A Japanese tourist recently asked me why we needed sand bags lining the beach when the water was so far away and calm. This is why. Let the erosion begin! This is from earlier in the week. I was too depressed to get out and photograph snow in August.

Pic of the week, August 23

The ocean has been as calm as a lake this week. The Arctic Ocean fascinates me in many ways. I’m always finding interesting creatures, beach combing here is particularly fun as you can find something as large as a whale vertebra down to something as small as beach glass, and the water itself is ever changing. From waves big enough to surf to you-can-skip-stones-on-it calm. My favorite part of summer is having the water back and I’ve been spending as much time as possible being near it.

Pic of the week, August 17

We were taken on a short hike to the local swimming hole this afternoon. Apparently they even exist in the Arctic! It was a clear little creek out of town on the tundra. While everyone else was playing in the cold water, I found this unusual flower on the creek shore and thought it was quite striking.

Pic of the week, August 9

Earlier this week I was pleasantly surprised to find a large sea nettle floating along the beach. It was probably my last opportunity to add to the series this summer. The big waves made lots of bubbles, which really added in this case.

Pic of the week, Aug. 1

I am going to endeavor to start sharing a photo every week in an effort to keep me from going long periods of time without working.  Photography is a very important part of my life and allows me to clear my mind.  Now that I’ve developed some anxiety issues, I think it is time to seriously make an effort to get out more and photograph something even when I might not feel up to it. This one is from my recent trip to Kenai, AK.  I found a set of old windows stacked against the outside wall of our bed and …


After trips to Hawaii and southcentral Alaska, my return to Barrow has been just as eventful! We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather and a friend offered to take me on an ATV ride past the end of the road to Point Barrow in search of beluga whales. While we didn’t see any whales, we came across a small graveyard and stopped to take a look. The graves were from the late teens and early twenties. The grave with the largest marker had a small caribou skull adorning the foot and the smaller grave to the right was adorned with an …