Saying goodbye to the sun

On the 18th the sun went down for the last time until it comes back up again on January 24, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely dark all the time.  We still get some lovely colors in the late morning and early afternoon.  This was the first pretty day (if a little blustery) after the final set of the sun so I went out to the edge of Freshwater Lake Road to watch the snow blowing across the tundra.

Back to life in Barrow… for now

Back to life in the Arctic.  I find sea ice fascinating.  I went for a walk this week to see how it was coming along.  I found the water covered, but it was still just sheets of pancakes slowly moving by.  I sat there listening to the sound of the ice as it moved with the current.

Fall in Vermont

Oops! I forgot to do a post last weekend. I’ve been distracted by so much going on. But here is what I had intended to post. Some late fall color in Vermont

First Congregational Church

Today I happened upon Center Church (First Congregational Church of Weathersfield) while they were getting ready for a meeting of the historical society. As a result, I got to see inside! The view through the old wavy glass panes of the memorial outside was lovely and I took the opportunity to frame it with the window sill.


This is a panoramic image taken from the top of the Empire State Building our first night in NYC. It’s not perfect. I just did a quick stitching and will perfect it when we get home but it was such a lovely evening to go to the top… a little extra touristy, obviously, but a must do on a pretty day.

Driftwood, Point Barrow

Last weekend I took my visitors out as far north as the road would take us. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d get much further than the old airfield, but the the snow actually improved driving conditions beautifully and we made it all the way out to the end of the road to Point Barrow (Nuvuk). We beachcombmed for sea glass and in the process I found this wonderful piece of driftwood in the snow.

The great owl invasion

Every October the snowy owls seem to invade town. This year is no different. Some friends from Anchorage and beyond came up for a quick visit hoping to see polar bears. While we weren’t treated to one of those, they did get treated to the yearly owl spectacle. I caught this beauty just as it was taking off. I hope they had as much fun visiting as I had showing off our avian wildlife!

Early Winter Walk

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping to entertain visiting best-selling author Dana Stabenow. We went in search of snowy owls on the outskirts of town. While we didn’t find any owls, we did find some interesting things along the way. Here are my favorites.

Wedding photos week

I haven’t had much time to do any photographing for myself this past week. Between editing wedding photos, putting together a new bed, and catching a virus I didn’t really get any time. Not to mention the “lovely” weather we’ve been having. So I’m sharing a photo I took at the wedding last weekend. Small weddings are just as much stress as big ones I have come to determine, but it was also an honor to shoot a local wedding. It was low key, simple, and beautiful.

Late Season Sea Nettle

This past week brought back the jellyfish. Of those found washed ashore, I did find a few sea nettles among the Lion’s Manes. This was one of them. Winter is coming fast, though.