Just a Kid from Barrow

From my Saturday afternoon walk.  I went out to clear my head and take a few photos.  And I did.  But in the process I ran into 9 people I knew, most of whom I stopped to talk to.  One brief conversation was with someone I know to have problems with substance abuse from time to time, and it was as deep as it was brief.  It reminded me that no matter the differences in our cultures or current walks of life, we as individuals are truly more alike than we are different.  It is easy to judge based on …

Beauty in texture

I took another walk but this time with a tripod in hand.  I went back to my favorite abandoned house and I just found these pipes in the bathroom to be really beautiful with the texture and the light.


From my walk late this evening.  But don’t expect to get anything so cliche as a sunset from me too often.

Wounded Pride

I went  in search of beauty.  Jeep filled up with gas, headed out toward Pigniq… I thought the old hangar looked particularly nice.  I thought I saw the entrance to the old runway and turned to get there.  Only what I thought was the access point wasn’t.  Thanks flat light and blowing snow.  My mistake was immediately apparent but then I knew I better not stop and tried to make the runway.  Embarrassingly, I ended up mired in soft snow/gravel just feet away.  Two of my bank customers found me and went to go get a tow cable.  Meanwhile, I …

A Moose on the Loose

Because I know y’all want to see the animal photos.  One of two moose I found along Chena Hot Springs Road.  I don’t think it’s too bad for being taken from a running car.  I love me some moose.