From Pigniq with Love

With all that’s going on, I haven’t had the time or energy to get out and shoot as much as I would like or really need to. But I did manage to get one more shoot in last weekend after the Christmas hubbub settled and before my solo show the first week of January in Fairbanks! This one didn’t make the cut for the show, but I love it anyway.

Life under glass

This weekend we had the official harvest of the Barrow test garden.  Some plants were growing underneath windows like they were little greenhouses and this was one of those… shot through a very dirty window pane.

The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends

With winds of around 50 mph, the surf in Barrow broke through the berms and flooded parts of town today.  As the ice pack gets smaller every summer, more open ocean means bigger storms and less protection for the coastline from erosion.  But in the process it was absolutely amazing and powerful.  I had a wonderful evening walking the beach with a friend, getting chased by the sea and listening to the pounding of the surf and the roar of the wind.  It was one of those magnificent evenings in Barrow that are rare but make living here worthwhile.

Basket star

The library hosted an awesome science day for the kids with microscopes of tiny sea critters, a fish dissection, and a small petting zoo of local aquatic life.  This is a basket star, truly one of the most unique and beautiful things I’ve seen come out of the ocean.  The fish dudes let me take it home to take a few pictures.  Afterwards, I tossed it back in the ocean.   All curled up like this, I think it looks like a brooch.  You can find beauty anywhere if you look.


Every now and then Barrow gives you a day that makes it all worth while.  What was intended to be a quick walk on the beach, ended up taking longer as there were I think two whales, one a baby, 50 feet off the beach.  They come in to scrape the barnacles off their bodies on the shallow shelf.  Then as we were getting back in the car, I noticed these beautiful clouds casting a shadow on the horizon and looking all moody.  Perfect.

Polar ice

After the shore ice broke up and moved out, the current brought remnants of the polar pack into shore… and what beautiful ice it was!

Beautimous day

I soaked in the beauty that was the sun for two hours.  Just laying there on the tundra by myself.  It was wonderful.  This was the view from my picnic blanket.

Sound of Silence

I walked down to the beach and spent hours just sitting and listening.  I really should have stayed home cleaning, but it was too beautiful out to ignore.  It was amazingly silent.  I could hear the ice creaking and groaning and at one point heard the wings of a bird that flew over me.  It was a magnificent evening.