Icebow, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. Our first beautiful day of winter. Highs in the 20s, not much wind, fresh snow underfoot, and a beautiful icebow over the Arctic Ocean. Days like this are rare this time of year, so we all bundled up to play in the snow. Unfortunately, my son prefers to play when there’s a stiff breeze and it’s nasty out. Go figure.

Last day of summer…

What turned out to be the last pretty day, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. The day after I returned from Anchorage we had what would be the last day of summer. I’m glad it waited for me to return because it WAS glorious, even if for only one more day. The snow is here to stay.

Maclaren Summit, Denali Highway, AK

Maclaren Summit, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. Last week I took advantage of a rare opportunity to get out of Barrow and head south to the subarctic to do a photography workshop along the Denali Highway with my good friend and teacher, Hal Gage. The landscape around Barrow is so minimalist and the beauty so subtle that it was rather overwhelming to re-experience the beauty that is the Alaska Range. The flat tundra of the north slope can make one feel conspicuous and vulnerable.  Its openness is mystifying.   This landscape, though just as open, enhances feelings of anonymity …

Snow. It’s August.

So living in the arctic is something of an adventure and you learn to expect what most would consider unexpected.  One day of snow in August… eh, it’s the arctic. It happens. Two days in a row of snow with some on the ground… reality seeps in and countdown to depression in 3…. 2…… 1………


Untitled, a photo by missmerv on Flickr. Inupiat whalers in Barrow, AK butcher a whale on the beach.  This is an unusual sight in July.  Spring whaling is usually done by May, but since the sea ice from which they base their hunt was unstable this year no whales were caught during the normal hunting season.